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Micellized Vitamin A 1 oz

Micellized Vitamin A 1 oz

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Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is one of the fat-soluble vitamins along with Vitamins D, K, and E. These fat-soluble vitamins are unique in the body as they act similar to hormones in that they enter the cell, enter the nucleus, regulate gene expression, and orchestrate numerous metabolic processes. They are vital to optimal health, and deficiency is widespread.

Where does it come from?

As a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin A is found in food sources such as oily fish, eggs, liver, mushrooms, and some milk and cheeses, as well as in certain fortified foods and Cod Liver Oil. A plant-based source of Vitamin A called beta-carotene is significantly less well absorbed than fat-soluble Vitamin A. Beta-carotene is considered substantially less biologically active (about 1/6th) than pure Vitamin A.

As with Vitamin D, Vitamin A deficiency is common, given our current diet of processed foods and a mistaken movement away from foods with saturated fat. 

What does it do?

The most well-defined function of Vitamin A has to do with its role in vision. However, it is also crucial in maintaining mucosal membrane and skin integrity, bone growth, nerve membrane health, adrenal and thyroid hormone production, and immune regulation and control.

Why was it recommended to you?

Vitamin A supports and maintains the integrity of the protective mucosal membranes, is crucial in the production of the main mucosal immunoglobulin IgA, and regulates and supports the immune cells that fight infection (neutrophils and lymphocytes).

Children with Vitamin A deficiency are linked to increased susceptibility to measles, RSV, malaria, tuberculosis, and other respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases.

This formulation combines two forms of vitamin A—palmitate and beta-carotene—that have been micellized into extremely small droplets that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. 5,000 iu Vitamin A palmitate per drop.



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