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Lab Testing: 96-Food Sensitivity Finger-Stick Test & Report

Lab Testing: 96-Food Sensitivity Finger-Stick Test & Report

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This Food Sensitivity Test Kit will determine if you have any hidden food sensitivities that are contributing to your symptom-picture. It tests for 96 foods.

Adrenal Fatigue leads to digestive and immune imbalances that often result in food allergies and sensitivities. It is important to root these out and treat them, while at the same time fixing the underlying environment that created them. This process will expedite your healing, as a part of the Adrenal Healing Core Plus program (sold separately). 

After purchase, you will receive your lab kit within 5-7 business days.  Please review the enclosed directions carefully, as noncompliance with instructions will void the test; there are no refunds. 

When we receive your results - usually 1-2 weeks after you mail it - we will send you your results along with a report. 

For more about this essential test, watch Dr. Neville's video above.

Any questions? Just contact us at office@drandrewneville.com

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