Dr. Andrew Neville

Dr. Neville's Licorice Root Extract 400 mg 90 Capsules

Dr. Neville says, "If there was an herb put on earth to assist those with Adrenal Dysfunction, licorice is that herb."

Licorice acts to support and improve the function of cortisol, the major hormone of the adrenal gland. In doing so, it helps relieve the majority of the major symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction, such as fatigue, pain, weakness, dehydration, brain fog, among others. It also helps support the immune system through direct antiviral properties as well as immuno-supportive properties. It acts as an anti-inflammatory by decreasing inflammatory prostaglandins, thus helping to heal tissue. This is most evident in its usefulness in healing the gastric mucosa that is weakened under stress. It acts as a palliative and curative treatment for ulcers and gastritis. Licorice also has a supportive and balancing effect in women on ovarian hormone production.

Independently tested for authenticity, potency, heavy metals, solvent residue, herbicide & pesticide residue, aflatoxins, stability, and bacteria, yeast, & mold counts.

Each vegetable cellulose capsule contains 400 mg Licorice Root Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

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