Dr. Andrew Neville

Liposomal GABA L-Theanine 1.7 oz

​One of the keys
​ to​
(and one of the challenges
​ of​
) healing from Adrenal Dysfunction is controlling the seemingly uncontrollable stress response that is constantly making mountains out of molehills. This is a trigger happy pump that is primed and ready!

This uncontrolled stress response
​, to its victim,​
​wired, stressed, anxious, can't sleep, and even like a panic attack. Often, we can effectively get to this simply by targeting the adrenals and the HPA axis itself. Sometimes, that isn't enough, and we then have to address some of the other confounding variables (still caused by the adrenal dysfunction, mind you), such as the endocannabinoid system, neuroinflammation, histamine issues, neurotransmitter issues like serotonin depletion or GABA depletion, etc.


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